A Scholarship App

Hello All,

Just recovering from the effort of applying to the Coca Cola Scholarship. For an application that doesn’t require an essay this was a lot of work!  I’m wondering if there’s an app out there that can help me identify scholarships that take lots of time so I can better plan my stressing.

I’m in the iTunes App store looking for an education app that can help me with the scholarship process. I type in scholarships and l fin the Scholarship Explorer. Since it’s free, I download it to my iPhone.  Its created by a group at SLFC.com and it downloads pretty quickly.


This app has sections for finding Free Money, for the Planning Process, for scoping out Colleges, Career information and Loans (this app is sponsored by a lender.  It’s ok, some of the best free stuff is lender-sponsored).  The Free Money categories range from No Enrollment Specified through Post Graduate Level Study.  Woo Hoo!  Ok, so still playing it cool, I enter some standard search options:

High School Senior
No Gender Requirement
No Racial Requirement
Engineering (’cause I’m a huge fan of STEM)

I search All Award Types and the Highest Number of Awards.

Alas, only 2 awards are listed, both from the Asian Pacific Community Fund.  But, you don’t have to be Asian to apply, just write a couple of essays.  Not really good, but not too bad either.  I decide to try again.

This time I select Visual and Performing Arts (’cause I’m a huge fan of theater too).  Luck! 3 items are listed.CHIGEMS Art and Poetry Scholarships with a $250 award amount. The listing doesn’t tell me the number of awards – bummer.  I decide to check the Website but still no joy.  I can always call the phone number I suppose.  Somehow, I lost access to the other two scholarships so I have to enter the search parameter again. Dang it.

The remaining scholarships are for artists living in specific areas of California. Let’s give this one more shot.  I change the search parameters to All and search for All Award Types.  509 results – wow. A lot of them are School Specific or offered by the state of California. Not too bad for a free app.

I say it’s worth downloading and taking a look.

Until next time – Peace!


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